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A summary of how the GDPR regulations  relate to Highpoint Services and the Knowledge Hub can be found here.

The very short version is that:

  • We need to collect and process certain personal data to be able to process your membership of The Knowledge Hub, and to fulfil services or products to you though The Knowledge Hub or our Highpoint website.
  • We will not use your data for any other purpose unless it is implied in the service we are supplying you with, or we have your consent for that purpose. In addition you have certain rights under the GDRP regulation to change what data we hold and how we use it.
  • We will not share any data except as necessary to fulfil the services (for example payment card processors, or delivery services), without your consent.

Below is our full privacy policy for this website, which you will need to accept in order to complete your registration with the Knowledge Hub.

Privacy Policy

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New Knowledge Hub Launched

    Highpoint are delighted to launch the new version of our Knowledge Hub, giving you access to Highpoint's unique learning and insights to building and using Unit4 Business World. Since we originally built the Knowledge Hub in 2016 we have got more of an...

Developing a new Knowledge Hub

    Highpoint is pleased to be working on a new version of our Knowledge Hub. The aim is to keep all the excellent learning materials and resources to support your Unit4 Business World journey, but to improve the look and user experience, including sign-up...

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Knowledge is Power

    Faced with some new system, or piece of technology, it's all too easy to struggle along trying to find your own way, or rely on the limited view of those already using it. That's fine, but sometimes it's good to give yourself a leg-up in the form of some...

Why We Created the Knowledge Hub

    Highpoint was founded out of frustrations over the quality of training material and delivery available to new Business World (or Agresso, as it was then) customers and users. The recipe for great materials for teams building and maintaining the system,...

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