Knowledge Hub Membership

knowhub-button-5a-7day-trial-1Have you got an invite code for Knowledge Hub Club? Sign-up here. Many of our customers qualify for free Knowledge Hub Club membership.

The Knowledge Hub is a membership/subscription site.  Sign-up using one of the options below, or take out a free trial.

Have you been given a group sign-up code by your organisation? Sign-up here.

If you want to know how membership works, see our FAQs

You can join as an individual, either on a monthly renewal, or paid annually in advance, or you can enrol a group subscription, giving you a code you can share with the enrolled number of users for membership. You can enrol on these yourself with a credit card. A free 7 day trial is also available.

Got a Larger group, or want to pay by PO?

For larger groups, and/or  to pay by purchase order/bank transfer, see this page,  or contact Highpoint on

01225 326409 or email